Hello world! I'm new to blogging

Hello world!

I'm new to blogging and this blog is going to be about my reflections on life, love, happiness and even sometimes sadness. Life is a wonderful journey that the Creator, the Father, YAHWEH has put us on and we need to treat every moment of our lives as if it were the last. Treasure your families. Treasure your husbands and wives. Treasure your parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles. Treasure your cousins and brothers and sisters.Treasure your children. One day we will leave this realm and meet our Father, Abba, in heaven. Life is to sweet to let idly pass by. Savor it as the ground savors the rain after a drought. Savor life as a blind man would savor a rainbow if he were given sight. Love one another as our Father has commanded. Until we meet again.



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