I am watching the world go by

I have not blogged in two years. I've been busy living life without necessarily experiencing it. I am tired. I've been journeying without a real destination in mind. It is surreal when you think about it. I really don't remember much of the past few years. I've been to busy to truly appreciate life's worth. I will not do that any more. No matter how tired, no matter how much I think I need to do, no matter how busy my life gets, I will slow down and really live the life I want to live. I am tired of a half ass existence. I want to pursue life and all of its passions. I want to deeply drink the wine that life has to offer. I want to pursue my relationships with a passionate heart. I want to be closer to God, I want to be closer to my husband, I want to be closer to my girls, I want to be closer to my family, I want to be a better person, a better teacher, a better mentor, a better neighbor, a better friend. I want to read as many books as I can read. I want to look at the world around me and just take it in and appreciate the God created beauty that is all around me. I want to take pictures.  I want to write. I want to do what I am doing right now.

I am watching the cars drive by my house. I am watching a little boy ride his bike up and down the street. I am swatting the mosquitos that think I am their dinner. I am listening to the very noisy birds. I am watching my cat roll around on the sun warmed sidewalk. I am looking at the beautiful blue sky which is slowly turning shades of a very light yellow as the sun  is setting. I smell the pretty peonies with their glorious sweet fragrance.

I am sitting on my front steps.

I am watching the world go by.


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