Feminists have ruined the world!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equal rights and the rights for women and minorities to have a vote. However, feminists have ruined our modern society. Over the past 100 years, since the beginning of the feminist movement, women in more and more numbers have flocked to the workplace, leaving the care of their precious children to others because they felt like if they didn't work they were failing in modern society. Sometimes family members took care of the children and sometimes neighbors or even perfect strangers.

In today's world most households are a 2 income household where both parents work full time. They just shove off their children to daycare, an INSTITUTION, at only 6 weeks old. Imagine that you are a little baby. All you have known is love and care and warmth and tenderness and then all of a sudden your Mommy is telling you bye and you are left in a strange and un-homelike place with other babies screaming and this stranger looking down at you. How would you feel? All of this for the sake of working! Parents are shipping their kids off to daycare and they are being institutionalized at a very young age. As a result, and you can see it all around you, our society is without morals and values. Parents are not there for their children. Our young people are being allowed to do anything that they want. There are 12 and13 year olds on birth control and having sex. They play violent video games that glorify violence and death and hatred and illegal activity. The music they listen to talks about banging your b...h and selling drugs and doing drugs and that it is alright to do that. The language our young people use would make a seasoned sailor blush. How do I know this? I see it, every day. I teach at a middle school, 8th grade, 13 and 14 year olds. Not all kids are like this and there are enough out there that are good kids to give me some hope for the future. But nothing will change if parents don't start to take more interest and get more involved with their kids.

A note to all parents, both parents do not have to work and the mother doesn't have to be the one to stay home. You can make it on a one income budget, you just need to try. You don't need the big, new, expensive SUV. You don't need thebig screen plasma tv. You don't need the vacation to Hawaii or some other exotic location every year. You don't need fifty pairs of shoes. You don't need the latest trend in clothing. You don't need the huge house that is way out of your means. You don't need all of this extra stuff. You need your kids! Aren't your kids worth it?

Women and mothers, you don't have to prove yourself to the world that you can work full time, have 2.5 kids, a dog, a husband, a house and soccer practice. It is OK to stay at home and be a Mom!

Men and fathers, it's OK for your wife to earn the income and you stay home and watch the kids. Just think of how much your kids will appreciate you being there with them and for them. Be a good role model and love your kids without being afraid to show it!

A note to those parents who do not have a choice about working. I understand, I've been there, and I pray for you that your circumstances will change. Hang in there and be there for your kids as much as you can.

Feminists beware! The tide is changing and you will be washed out to sea!

Parents, Love your children!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. Feminists have killed our families. Why do you think the U.S. has the highest divorce rate in the world? It's because the feminist movement is the most active in the U.S.

These people are trying to kill the very meaning of family life. We need to stand strong against these feminists and preserve our traditional family structure.

So, now since most women are too busy to take care of the household, families are left in the cold. And as roles in the household change, families become more dysfunctional.

Don't get me wrong ladies. I think women deserve the same rights, respects and freedoms as men, but some things in life were never meant to be changed.

God created us as men and women for a reason. If he intended us to be the same, he would've simply created one sex. I'm not trying to preach, it's just common sense.

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