I can't believe that it has been almost a year since I've blogged. I would like to become a regular blogger but I haven't figured out exactly how I'll be doing that yet. I'll try and see. This week is Vacation Bible School. I'm helping out with the 1st graders. They are so cute. The kids are learning about their talents. It is fun helping them out. Alana's talent is definitely art. Madison's is probably evangelism and Seanna - well, I have no idea yet.

Last week were were at Creation Fest. It was AWESOME. The music was great, the teaching was great but I didn't feel very focused on God. I was too busy taking care of everyone, cooking and making sure we had everything that we needed.

I want to focus more on God and then just maybe, my life will start to get better. Right now I feel kinda bummed. I feel like I can't focus on anything because I'm focused on everything. I've been living the same, wretched way for 5 years now and I can't seem to get a breakthrough. I feel like I can't get rid of the chains that are holding me down. I pray for the GRACE of God to set me free from these chains.


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