There are times when I feel as though I live in a constant state of insanity. The world around me is constantly closing in. Advertisements, radio, television, the net, everything is so overwhelming. In our fast paced world everyone is flying by at lightspeed and does not take into account anything other than the stuff of the world. It is especially challenging for Christians. There is so much, "Sex, drugs and Rock n roll" out there that it is hard not to be tempted by the world and worldly ways.

At our church (Commonwealth Chapel in Richmond,VA Rob is doing a summer series based on Colossians, chapter 3. It is about trying to become more Christlike and not so world and self centered. It is about putting on the garments of the Lord such as Compassion and Love and putting aside the garments of the world such as Lust and Greed. It is somthing that we should all strive for in this insane world. As Christians we need to put on the garments od Yeshua and put aside the garments of the great Tempter. This afternoon we also went to Three Feathers Gathering ( after Commonwealth Chapel. Three Feathers is a Christian gathering of Native American Indians and anyone else who wants to come to study the ways of Creator Jesus. Today Grandmother White Dove spoke of Psalms Chapter 3. In this particular Psalm David is crying out to God the Father for help and protection while surrounded by enemies. He's crying out for protection and he recieves it.

I know it seems kind of odd that I'm writing about two completely different scriptures, one in the old testament and one in the new testament but I do see a link. We are to worship the Lord God our Creator. We are to cry out to Him for protection and guidance and we are to trust in Him and try to be like Him always. God protects his annointed. He protected David among his enemies and he will protect you when you put aside the clothes of this world aside and clothe yourself with the garments of God and trust that God will be there for you.


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