My daughter

My daughter Madison is a very complicated child. Today she has been very out of sorts. She started off ok. I asked her to help her little sister to clean up the toys and she did so without complaint. She even began to help her little sister clean her room. However, after about 10 minutes when my 3 year old stopped cleaning Madison got frustrated with her and just blew up like a little mini teenager. That just set off everything else. Somehow she got upset saying that nobody liked her and everyone paid attention only to little kids. She said "EVERYONE", including a stanger walking her dog on the street said she was weird and didn't like her. We talked and I got her calmed down and then she got upset when I told her we were not going to make a "bird's nest salad" for a couple at church who just had a baby because they might not like it. She says that we never let her do anything and that we always said she was wrong. It was just one episode after another until after I put Alana to bed. She then calmed down and became more like her normal self. I just hope and pray that this is a phase that she will quickly grow out of. It is definately time to start to reading more Christian literature on bringing up children in God's way. I don't want Madison to become like the mini teenager she demonstrated today.


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