I feel like crap. I'm tired. I have a ton of work to do and I don't have enough help from my husband and kids. Example, when we got home from visiting family yesterday as soon as I got home everyone started to complain about being hungry and tired. ( we were gone all day and spent a lot of time outside). They all expected me, 34 1/2 weeks pregnant to jump up and make dinner right away. In addition to making, eating and cleaning up after dinner I also needed to get the girls in bed. I did not get a moment to rest until almost 10:00 at night! I'm too tired and too pregnant for this. Also, within the next five weeks I need to get the baby's room ready, help my oldest daughter get her room organized, potty train my younger daughter, keep the house clean, catch up on laundry and clean & organize the downstairs den. GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!


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