I Feel Motivated

Today I feel extreemely motivated like I have not felt in a long time. I don't know if it is the cooler temperatures (90 instead of 96) or just a good night of sleep ( I only got up once) but I feel like I will be able to get a lot done today. I want to get a lot done today. I want to help Madison finish organizing her room, help Alana clean her room, finish the laundry, tidy up, mop, vaccuum, and clean and organize my bedroom. That will leave tomorrow to clean the bathrooms and start cleaning out Seanna's room and prepare for her arrival in 5 short weeks. Next week after I get home from the SOL Conference I can work on Seanna's room and get it together since the girls are going to be at their Grammy's house Sunday afternoon through Thursday afternoon. Next weekend we will be going to the campground at least one day. Hopefully we can get a camper and stay the entire weekend. After that we will be working our butts off on the downstairs den, utility room and office so that by the time Seanna gets here everything will finally be ready.


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