Life is never what your truely expect it to be

Life has a bad habit of throwing curve balls at you. Prime example, this summer was supposed to be THE SUMMER TO GET IT ALL TOGETHER. We were going to finally get the entire house together and organized. We were going to have the office organized. We were going to have a wonderful outside front and back yard. we were going to get up early every day and do all of this stuff and spend good quality time with the girls. This summer was going to be perfect. Here is how it truly turned out. 1 - I did get the whole house pretty well organized EXCEPT FOR THE DOWNSTAIRS DEN, THE OFFICE AND THE UTILITY ROOM. Not too bad and I still have a week to maybe get that done. The front yard doesn't look too bad, although I need to cut down those two pines and trim back the azaleas before they go wild on me and the side yards could use a little work. The back yard is another story. There is stuff everywhere. The grass needs to be cut, the fence needs to be cemented in, the garden (that has barely produced anything other than plants and no fruit) needs to be severely attended to (weeds and overgrowth) and the grapes need to be cut back so maybe we will actually be able to harvest next year. We did go to Busch Gardens twice and we went to the campground with the girls. I took them to Maymont once. We played some but it still wasn't the quality time that I had envisioned. I've been out of school since June 8th and here it is, two months to the day later, on August 8th, that I am reflecting upon this summer and I feel as though I wasted too much time. Next week I need to go to school at least one day but I'll probably end up going twice and the week after that it is back to school full time. Where has the summer gone and how can I get it back? I am vowing now that in the time that I have left before I go to school, beginning tomorrow, I will get finished what I need to finish, whether it is 101 (like today) or 81 degrees outside. That way, I can enjoy my evenings and weekends with my family and friends. I'm tired of this house being an idol in my life!!! CHANGE MUST HAPPEN AND IT MUST HAPPEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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