You know, sometimes life passes by so quickly. Madison is already going into 4th grade. I remember her first day of school. She was wearing a purple plaid skirt and cute little white top that matched. She was so proud carrying her huge pink backpack with her name sign pinned on her shirt. She was so little and innocent. Now she is almost 10 and beginning to act like a preteen. We still have girls night every Friday night. I started girls night when I was pregnant with Alana so Madison would still feel special and not jealous of her new baby sister coming. Alana has joined us for most of girls night but she goes to bed early. I'm sure Seanna will join us when she gets to be about 3 years old but by then Madison might not want to have girls night anymore. Last night we watched Annie. The girls have never seen it. Annie was one of my favorites when I was little. We watched it and they loved it. Even Alana, who is 4 years old, sat still through the entire movie and said she loved it when it was over. I think that maybe next week we will play some games or maybe paint nails or do hair. My little girls are so precious to me. Watching them grow from an entirely dependent little infant whose entire world revolves around her and you to a toddler exploring her surroundings for the first time to a preschooler who wants to know the who, what, where, when, why and how of everything to a child playing with Barbies and baby dolls and my little ponies to a preteen beginning to worry about how she looks and what her friends think of her is such a wonderful experience. I'm sure that the teenage years will bring their own set of challenges. I still can't believe that God entrusted me to the upbringing and care and love of three of His most beautiful creations. I feel truly blessed to have them. Every hig, every kiss and even every tear is like sweet nectar to me. All to soon those little blessings of life will be only a memory of these sweet days of childhood and I will keep each and every one of those memories close to my heart.


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