Too Much To Do And Not Enough Time To Do It

The day is way too short and I have way too much stuff I need to do and I don't have the energy to get it all done. It is already the beginning of July and I still haven't made as big of a dent in the pile of work I want to do around the house before Seanna is born. I need to finish getting Madison's and Alana'a rooms together and organized and work with them on good clean up habits. I need to get Seanna's room clear of all of the stuff that we have shoved in there temporarily and get the crib set up and the clothes washed and put away and get her room together. I need to finish cleaning and organizing my bedroom and get the baby cradle set up in there. I need to finish washing all of the extra stuff in the utility room and put away. I need to organize my small little section of the office so I can actually work in there. I need to help Kirby clean up the downstairs den and utility room. I need to clean the bathrooms. I need to clean the kitchen again. I need to get the back and front yards cleaned up. I need to get the first two months of school planned out and ready to go. I need to get my stuff together for my susbstitute while I'm out on maternity leave. I need to get the beginning of the school year material ready to go.

There is just so much I want to do and so little time to actually get it done in. In the midst of all of this stuff that needs to get done I want to go to Busch Gardens a couple more times before Seanna is born. This upcoming Sunday we are going to the mountains. I want to find a maternity bathing suit and go to Water Country and the Beach. Seanna will be born in only 6 short weeks. I have to get all of this work done in only 6 weeks!!!! Not to mention my daily obligations like spending time with God and taking care of my family and keeping clean wha I have already cleaned and doing laundry and just spending time with my family. There is just too much to do and not enough time to do it in. At least I have finally gotten my new laptop in order and most of my files transferred from my old computer. I'll at least be able to work on my school work after the girls go to bed.

With God's help and a little luck maybe I'll be able to break out of the funk I've been in. For the past week and a half I've just been without energy or motivation. It is almost as if there are forces moving against me, trying to ensure that I won't get done the stuff I need to get done. My sister in law, Michelle, and my mother in law, Susan, have both offered to help but I'm not even to the point yet where I think that they could help much. Plus, it would be hard for them to actually help me sort and clean stuff. Maybe when I finally get a chance to set up Seanna's room they'll be able to help. My growing belly is making it very hard to sleep and pick up stuff so therefore I have to take a lot of breaks which I am not used to, I've always been a work horse, constantly going. I'm having to learn to pace myself and the pace at which I get stuff done is almost painfully slow. Now that I have ranted and raved I do feel better. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get more done. I'll think happy positive thoughts and maybe it will happen!


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