Family Outings

Yesterday was an adventure but it was a fun adventure. My entire immediate family went to Busch Gardens together. That might not sound like a lot but here is who went. My Mom and Dad, My younger brother Josh, his wife Michelle, their daughter Amity (16 months), my husband Kirby, my daughters Madison (8) and Alana (3) and of course me and my 33 week pregnant body (baby Seanna). So that makes 9 of us all at a very crowded Busch Gardens on a very hazy, hot and humid Virginia summer day. We all have season passes, facilitated by my wonderful parents, but this is the first time that we have all gone to Busch Gardens together at the same time. We met at the front gate until all parties arrived (we weren't the last ones to arrive for once) and bought season passes for Kirby and Alana. Then we made it over to the La Mans racecars. This ride is very nostalgic (and one of the few I was actually able to ride). We all rode on it and my father with his new very nice high tech digital camera took pics of all of us on the cars. This will be the last time we'll be able to ride the cars b/c they are closing the attraction this week. My sentimental Dad wanted to get pics of us on them for old times sake. We took the kids over to the Land of the Dragons so they couls get wet and cool off. My wonderful sister in law Michelle spashed my very hot self with water. She got me soaked. We all had a great picnic lunch together. After lunch we took in Irish Beat (Irish dance show) to cool off. Fields of gold put Alana to sleep. We rode more rides. Kiddie rides for the little ones and big rides for those of us not pregnant. Eventually we made is back out to the parking lot to watch a fantastic fireworks display. Mom and Dad went back in for a show while those of us with tuckered out little ones went home. (I was pretty tired myself) We didn't get on many rides and it was hot and crowded but we had a fantastic time. Nobody lost their tempers, the kids didn't fuss too much and we all enjoyed each others company. It was a truly wonderful and memorable family outing.


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