This Week In My Life

This week in my life has been very interesting. I learned a lot from the SOL Conference that I attended and I'll be able to apply what I've learned to my teaching and assessments. My beautiful daughters have been gone all week and I realized how much I missed them when they came home yesterday. They have been in Tappahannock visiting their grandparents. The house has been so quiet and empty without them. When they came home it was like an explosion at my house. Don't get me wrong, it was nice having some time with Kirby. We got to spend more time together this week than we have in a long time. We definately had some high quality time together. I missed the girls. I missed getting them ready for bed and playing with them and reading to them. It was very sweet putting them in bed last night. You realize when you have kids that they do take up a large portion of your life. They need so much care and love and guidance but they are only with you in this dependent capacity for a very short period of time. They grow up so fast. Madison is almost 9 and she'll be going to 3rd grade this year. I remember when she was a goofy 3 year old playing dress up or a little sick baby with an ear infection or a little preschooler who had a nightmare. She is so grown up now. She calls herself a pre pre-teen. Then there's little Alana who is already 3 although it seems like just yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital. She is so active and curious about everything. She is the sweetest little girl. Life flys by way too fast.


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