It begins

Well, I'm pregnant with my third child. I took a home pregnancy test last week and it turned up positive. I never thought that I would have three children. It is mind boggling. My husband and I have talked about having another child and now it hs come to fruition. We even already have names, if it is a boy his name will be Benjamin Aiden and if it is a girl it will be Seanna Miriam. I think that I'm about 6 or 7 weeks along. I'll have a doctor's appointment soon to confirm. We haven't told our families yet because we know that they are going to be upset at first and we don' t like confrontation. You see, I'm a teacher and I don't make that much and my husband is currently looking for a job. We are barely squeaking by and another child will be a big expense. (but it is so worth it) We have told a couple of friends so far but we are dreading telling the family. Isn't that wrong? Our families shoudl rejoice at having another addition to the family. Any suggestions will be welcome as will your prayers.

I've been feeling nauseous on and off. That is the worst part about being pregnant!!! I'm also exhausted. I mean, the holidays are already tiring as is but when you add being pregnant on top of that it is even worse. My body is still adjusting to having another little human being inside of me and I'm ust tired. I hope this stage gets over with quickly.

I can't wait to tell my girls that they are going to have a little brother or sister. Madison, my 8 year old, will be excited because her little sister, Alana who is 2 1/2, will have someone to bother her now. I think that Madison will also be a huge help. She is such a grown up 8 year old. I love her so much. I can't wait to tell her. Alana is currently in a baby doll phase and I think that she will love to have a real live baby to help take care of.

Life can be so exciting, I just will I weren't so nauseous.


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