I cannot believe that I have already been out of school for a week and I haven't really done anything! I have wasted a whole entire week! I can't even do anything at the house today or Monday because I'm working at my other job. That means I have tonight and tomorrow morning and tomorrow night to get my house together for Christmas on Sunday. My parents, my brother, sister in law, niece and my sister in law's grandparents are all coming on Sunday to my house. My entire downstairs is a wreck, the bathrooms are a wreck. I need to mop the kitchen. I don't even care about the bedrooms and playroom at this point! There is not enough time! I wish that the day was 48 hours long. Maybe then I could accomplish what I need to accomplish. By the time I go back to school on January 2 I want to have the entire house clean and organized, a schedule and chore list established. I'm tired of wasted time and I'm tired of a very unclean, disorganized house. I want more than just a house! I want a home, a home in which I can help my kids and play with them and read in peace after they go to bed without thinking about all of the things I need to do in order to get my life in order. I want my life to be in order, now more than ever. You see, I just found out that I'm pregnant with my 3rd child. I can't live in this disorder any more. My husband and I (especially my husband) need to work on getting the house cleaned and organized NOW!!!!!!!!! I want to be free of this idol. This idol is keeping me from getting closer to GOD and MY FAMILY and it has to STOP NOW. I am to the breaking point. I need GOD to HELP ME and MY FAMILY.!!!!!!!!!!!That is my prayer right now. I pray to the LORD GOD my FATHER, ABBA, HELP ME, HELP KIRBY, HELP MADISON AND HELP ALANA get OUR lives together that we may SERVE YOU!!!! Help us order our house, our physical house, our emotional house and most importantly our spiritual house. Through the LORD my GOD there is strength, if only I depend on HIM not my weak flesh.


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