Family - Can't live with them, Can't live without them

I have decided to write about my life, not that anyone actually reads this. It's funny how thousands of people are blogging and hardly anybody reads anything that anyone else writes. My life can be so messed up and at the same time my life is wonderful. I have two beautiful, intelligent and creative daughters. I have a decent job. I have a house. I have my wonderful husband. The only problem is that a lot of my family do not like my husband at all. My Father is constantly talking trash about him. My Brother insults him. My Aunt criticizes him. They criticize how we raise our children. It is like I cannot satisfy them. I have spent my entire life trying to satisfy my family.

I'm the oldest out of all of my cousins. I feel like everyone expects me to be perfect. When I began teaching my Husband and I decided that he would stay at home and be with the Girls. We really believe that one of us should be at home and since I have a degree and a better paying job I would work. We also teach our children the Bible, as is. We talk about the Gifts that God has given us. Our older daughter may have a prophetic Gift and when she told her Grandfather he treated it like it was a bad thing. We have a home church and my family feels like we need to go to a "real" church or else we aren't doing it right. They don't have room to talk. I have NEVER seen my Father go to church, my Mother hardly goes and my Brother doesn't even believe in God!

Why can't my family see all that I have done that is positive? Why can't they just have faith in me and my Husband that we are doing it right? Don't get me wrong, I Love my Family!!!! I just wish they would love and accept me for who I am and not what they think I should be.


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