I really haven't blogged since February . . . OOPS

Well, it is Memorial Day. It is the day that has been set aside to remember our veterans and our fallen heroes - our soldiers. It is a day to spend time with friends and family, grilling outside and celebrating the unofficial start to summer. I've had a very lazy weekend. On Saturday I did a few things around the house - not much and we went to Commonwealth Chapel ( http://www.comchap.com ). We spent all day Sunday at the Upper Mattaponi Pow Wow. I got quite a burn on my face and neck. (OUCH). It's funny, I put sun screen on everyone but me (OOPS). Today, I slept in as long as the girls would let me. I checked my email. I cruised on the net for awhile while drinking my coffee. Now I'm blogging to catch up anyone who is interested about my life. I decided that after the extreeme stress that I've been through for the past 2 months that I needed a break this weekend. I actually am RELAXING, a word that I thought was no longer in my vocabulary. So - time to catch up!!!!

March - Seanna started crawling, Had the Mardi Gras Dance at school (very big success), tried to review for SOLs with a collegue but my principal kept changing our schedule on a weekly basis, finished the yearbook at school - best ever created at ACMS

April - best part about April - Two Words - SPRING BREAK

May - Seanna started cruising then she took a couple of steps and she has cut her first tooth, SOL REVIEW, SOL REVIEW, SOL REVIEW, SOL REVIEW - Did I mention SOL REVIEW? Let's see, Seanna was also very sick, I've been sick, the requirements and demands of school made me so stressed out that I have had trouble eating, sleeping and it totally zapped me of energy. The last two weeks of school we have had SOL Testing and I have been stuck with the same 23 students for six hours a day for basically the last two weeks. Normally this wouldn't have been too much of a problem but when we were not testing I had to keep them quiet and busy. Can you imagine keeping 23 13 - 14 year olds quiet and occupied with SOL REVIEW piled on top of SOL REVIEW every day!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

Present - I have EIGHT SCHOOL DAYS LEFT, not that I'm counting. My students get out of school next Thursday, I get out next Friday. This week I will be doing a project and makeup work. Next Monday, we go on the 8th grade trip and next Tuesday and Wednesday I putting my students to work helping me to clean up my room. We're also going to have a picnic, a movie and graduation practice. Graduation is at 10:00 am on Thursday. I'm hoping that the vast majority of our students will go home with their parents after graduation so that I can go back to school and finish my room.

My plan - This summer - We definately have to get the entire house together. I wanted to do it last summer but being pregnant kind of put a hold on it. We need to get it clean, organized and together and get into good habits about laundry and cleaning up or else next school year will be as bad as this year. It's funny, at school my classroom is completely organized and I even won the most organized teacher award this year but my house is a complete wreak. There are piles of laundry unwashed and piles of washed laundry unfolded. There are papers EVERYWHERE! There are toys and parts of toys EVERYWHERE! There are kid books EVERYWHERE! We can't use our downstairs den due to it being turned into a storage house. The junk needs to be cleaned up, sorted through and get rid of stuff that we aren't going to use. The kid play room can't be used because of the toys. The girls' bedroom can be used only for sleeping. The girls toys, books and clothes need to sorted through, organized and get rid of all of the extra stuff. Outside the grass needs to be cut, weeds need to be pulled, the yard needs to be cleaned up, ugly bushes need to be cut down, the fence needs to be cemented in and the junk in the backyard needs to be cleaned up, sorted through and organized. And I wat to get this all done between June 9 and July 9, one month. GOD HELP ME, I'm going to need it.


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