Finding GOD in Star Wars

I just had a revelation. I have seen books about and heard people talk about Finding God in Lord of the Rings. Well, you can find GOD in Star Wars too. Even though, Star Wars is based on Buddhism and Buddhism is a carbon copy of Christianity.

1. The Force - Is really the Holy Spirit
2. The Jedi - Christians fighting for the ultimate good - Jesus
3. Padawans - Christians just beginning to walk the Path of Jesus
4. The Empire - Satan's empire on Earth
5. The Rebel Alliance - God's people fighting against Satan's Influence on Earth
6. The Emperor - Satan
7. Anakiin / Luke Skywalker - Jesus sent to save His people

(not that Jesus ever turned evil, but Anakin's turning into Darth Vader and turning back into Anakin represents the death and resurrection of Jesus.)

If you look hard enough you can find GOD in everything you do.


RockyBock said...

like durr so true... People say that Star Wars was mocking God and stuff but it soo not

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