My Idyll Is Almost Over

Exactly one week from today I will be teaching my first class since June. Actually, I will be doing it at this exact time. Where has the summer gone? I didn't do half of the stuff that I wanted to do but being pregnant will do that to you. Our house is still a wreck. Our yard looks nice. I have had so much fun and good quality time with my family. It is going to be very hard to go back to school and leave them here. It won't be that big of a deal with Maddie since she's in school all day anyway but I will miss getting her ready for school and doing her hair and watching her wait for the bus while I'm drinking my coffee. It will be extreemely hard for Alana and Seanna. Alana has completely enjoyed my being home. We've played together and made lunches together and we've just been together. It has filled me with so much joy. It has made her happy too. Then there's little Seanna. I don't want to leave her. She's still nursing so she does literally need me. I'm going to pump milk at work and rush home as soon as I can so I can be with her, so I can be with all of them. It is so hard to leave someone so new and so precious. It makes me wish that my family were in a financial situation where I could stay home and work from home and send my husband off to work but unfortunately I make more money since I have a graduate degree so therefore I must work (at least for now).

I'm going to have a busy week this week. Tomorrow and Thursday I need to go to school for ACE. Tomorrow I'm going to be trained as a Girl Scout Leader. Today I'm going to hang out with my sister in law and niece for a little while and on Wednesday I'm going to hang with my best friend Ally. On Friday I need to go to school to meet with my sub and get updated on where everything is at and I need to re-organize my room. Between appointments I want to get the entire upstairs spic n span, all of the laundry done, switch the girls clothes from summer to fall/winter, get all of the bedrooms, especially the girls' bedrooms, clean and organized and last but not least get the utility room and part of the downstairs den clean.

I need to get all of this done because once I get back to school I need to deal with ACE, Yearbook, Grades, Lesson Plans, Review, Department Chair stuff, Etc. I want everything at home and at school to be in order so that I can come home as soon as possible and be with my family. Unless I have a meeting, activity or need to make copies I'm going to leave school at 3:30 each day. I'm going to try to be at school no later than 7:30 each day so I can get stuff done in the morning before school. I'm going to be getting up at 5 am every morning so I can feed Seanna, read my Bible, run, shower, eat breakfast while feeding Seanna again and leave the house by 6:45 am. I pray that the Lord will give me the strength that I need to get it done.


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