It Continues!

Well, I'm definately in the throes of pregnancy. I'm still nauseated. I feel like I have run a marathon by the end of each day. One minute I'm really happy and excited and the next I'm depressed. One minute I'm screaming at my husband and thenext I'm crying. I went to the Dr. on the 19th. He confirmed that I was 8 weeks at the time (9 weeks now) and everything was developing normally. I even got my new little baby's first photograph. So far so good. I can't wait until the end of February, my first trimester will finally be over. I still haven't told my parents about the new baby, which is silly. I already have 2 children, I have a full time job, I'm married and I own my house but I am still afraid of confronting my parents. I have to tell them soon. God help me!


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